50 lbs. Flue Cured  Virginia Red Leaf
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Wholesale Pricing for quantity of 50 lbs. tobacco bagged in bulk.

NEW! This leaf is the same as Bright Leaf, but processed differently.  It's known as Virginia Red Leaf because of the darker color it achieves in the curing process.  It is fired (cured) a little hotter than Bright Leaf to finish to a darker color. Red Leaf has more flavor than Bright Leaf and can be smoked straight for an excellent everyday cigarette.. 

NEW! This is the hand-harvested tobacco we have been waiting for. This is some very flavorful and aromatic leaf that tastes great even without blending.

This leaf was represented as being the same tobacco used in the famous brand named "Marlboro Red" cigarettes, but this leaf is better than that.




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50 lbs. Flue Cured Virginia Red Leaf

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