CT Shade Leaf 2006 crop (American)
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Genuine American grown Connecticut Shade Leaf Cigar Wrapper.  This is a limited available leaf from the 2006 crop year.  The color of this leaf is considered as Blonde, so it's a very high grade.  The Leaf is slightly smaller than normal, so there is a big discount on price.  At 16" x 10", you should be able to roll most sizes with this leaf.  Because All Shade grown leaf is inherently thin, be sure to properly hydrate the leaf before attempting to work with it. 

CT Shade is probably the most popular wrapper in the world and it's also one of the most costly to grow.  This is the best price you'll find anywhere. 

All of our tobacco is sold by the pound.  The price reflects the cost per pound of tobacco unless otherwise noted.

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CT Shade Leaf 2006 crop (American)

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