Mata Fina Filler (upper stalk position)
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This is Genuine Mata Fina from 2013 grown in the state of Bahia on the eastern coast of Brazil. Here the region is  tropical and the soil fertile, which naturally makes a great tobacco growing environment. The tobacco from this area is of the finest quality.

Mata Fina is very smooth and creamy, sweet, aromatic, medium-bodied smoke. The foundation flavor is chocolatey and woody, the aroma is rich and syrupy with mild spice notes.

As with all Whole Leaf Tobacco products, the leaf is packaged in vapor-proof bags and in perfect order for working when it arrives to you. The leaf will remain is perfect condition for at least a year if unopened.  Once opened, any unused leaf can be saved in this condition by re-using the packaging.  Simply fold the opened end and sealing it with tape.

All of our tobacco is sold by the pound.  The price reflects the cost per pound of tobacco unless otherwise noted.

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Mata Fina Filler (upper stalk position)

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