7 types of cigarette tobacco
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This is our newest American and Turkish tobacco sampler.

The sampler includes 7 types of cigarette tobacco we currently offer.Included in this sampler...

1/2 lb. Flue Cured Virginia Bright Leaf

1/2 lb. Flue Cured Virginia Thin Leaf (1st priming)

1/2 lb. Flue Cured Virginia Lemon Leaf

1/2 lb. Genuine Turkish Izmir

1/2 lb. Dark Air Cured

1/2 lb. Maryland 609

1/2 lb. Kentucky Fire Cured

1 bottle of cigarette Casing #1 for Flue Cured tobaccos

1 bottle of cigarette Casing #2 for Air Cured tobaccos

A total of 3 1/2 lbs. of the finest American Grown Tobacco (Turkish tobacco is imported directly from Turkey)

This will give you the opportunity to sample many of the most popular tobaccos we offer to create your own custom blend.

As with all of our tobaccos, we only sell the highest quality leaf available.  On top of being the highest grade, it is hand harvested to preserve the appearance of the leaf. 

All tobaccos are packaged in vapor-proof bags and arrive in perfect condition for handling and processing and if that isn't good enough, the tobacco will keep in perfect condition for a year or longer if the bag remains sealed.

Learn how to process tobacco at www.FairTradeTobacco.com


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SAMPLER of 7 types American and Turkish, casing 1 and 2

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