Sabroso Medio II
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Sabroso Medio is a unique blend using the finest Criollo 98 and Dominican long fillers and a flavorful rich Honduras Cuban Seed wrapper.  The finished product will yield a mild to medium strength cigar. The kit includes cigar glue and the following tobaccos...

Honduras Habano Wrapper
Dominican Cigar Binder
Dominican Seco
Corojo 98 Viso

...enough tobacco to make approximately 18 to 20 - 50 x 7" cigars

Each type of tobacco is sealed individually to prevent unintentional blending of flavors prior to rolling your cigars.  This will assure each of the cigars rolled from this kit will be consistent with the rest from the same batch.

All blends now come with double binder leaves. There is approximately 1 pound of tobacco in these kits.


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Sabroso Medio II

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