Threshed / Stripped Flue Cured Tobacco 5 kilogram (11 lb.) bag
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New Item (5 kilos / 11+ lbs.) Threshed / Stripped Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco.

Threshed tobacco is whole leaf that has had the mid-rib removed.  This tobacco is high in sugar with a medium/low nicotine content. Comparable to a mix of Thin Leaf and Lemon Leaf, this tobacco can be smoked without blending or casing.

The threshing process is completed mechanically so there will be traces of the mid-rib mixed in. Please understand, because of the way this tobacco is processed, there will be mostly small pieces of leaf, but average about 1" wide x 3" long.  Further processing of this tobacco will almost certainly require a mechanical shredder. Don't let the size fool you, once it is shredded, it looks like all other tobacco.

By federal law, the minimum quantity that can be sold is 10 lbs. 1 ounce.  We are offering this tobacco in 5 kilo /11+ lbs. per bag.  The price is less than $12.75 per pound.

 This item is shipped from our North Carolina warehouse

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Threshed / Stripped Flue Cured Tobacco 5 kilogram (11 lb.) bag

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