Threshed / Stripped Tobacco
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This product is intended for those with a formal education in tobacco manufacturing.  This is an Industry product and NOT intended for use by hobbyists. 


Threshed or Stripped tobacco is processed tobacco with the mid-rib removed.  It has been re-dried to approximately 10% moisture content.

Threshed tobacco is available in Flue Cured. Burley, Dark Air, Maryland, and Fire Cured types.

The threshing process is completed mechanically so there will be traces of the mid-rib mixed in. Please understand, because of the way this tobacco is processed, there will be mostly small pieces of leaf, but average about 1" wide x 3" long.  Additional processing of this tobacco is required.

Sold in C-48 cartons only. Minimum purchase 1 carton (440 lbs.).  20' container, 48 - C48 cartons, 40' container 96 - C48 cartons.

There is no special federal license needed to purchase this product.

Please send your specifications using the Contact Us page. This item is shipped from our North Carolina warehouse.

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Threshed / Stripped Tobacco

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