Used  Professional  Cigar Molds (various sizes)
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Used, Genuine Professional Cigar Mold imported from the Dominican Republic.

Cigar Molds with 10 cigar slots. These molds are made from cabinet grade woods with cabinet grade workmanship.  The molds are about 15" x 9" x 3" and weigh about 7 lbs. 

These Cigar Molds are the same exact molds used by the Premium Cigar manufacturers.  Get professional result every time with these easy to use molds.  Wood molds are far superior to plastic because of the wicking ability of wood.  If you accidentally over hydrate your binder, the risk of mold development is minimized.  Plastic molds will promote mold growth if your binder is too wet. 

Unlike the cigar 'forms" that are available, our molds eliminate the risk of your leaf "spilling" and creating seams or ridges on the sides of the cigar bunch.  These molds are the same design used for over 150 years.

Please list the mold(s) you want in the special instructions.  Due to the limited availability of these molds, they will be sold on a "first come, first served" basis.  The inventory will be updated as quickly as possible, but if you select a mold that is out of stock, you will be contacted via email with your choice to select another mold or receive a full refund.

We will be receiving 100 more molds in the near future.

Please select from the following sizes;

1 - 32 x 6"                                  Scroll down for more sizes

4- 36 x 6.25"

2 - 42 x 7"

2 - 44 x 6.25"

6 - 44 x 7"

1 - 44 x 8"

6 - 46 x 8"

6 - 50 x 8"

2 - 54 x 7" Torpedo 

3 - 54 x 8" Torpedo


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Used Professional Cigar Molds (various sizes)

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