Answered: About Fronto Leaf Types

Fronto leaf although not known by many people has been around for several decades. It is also recognized by many as Fanta leaves, Funta leaves, and other similar names. These whole leaf wrapper grade tobacco leaves are popular in Jamaica, the Caribbean Islands, and the United States of America. It is often confused with Grabba leaves, […]

Whole Leaf Tobacco – Black Friday, Cyber Monday Sale 2021

Black Friday, Cyber Monday Sale 2021 Buy 3 Get 1 Free Simply enter the free item(s) you want in the special instructions area on the check-out page. Free items must be equal to or less than the purchased item. Limit 3 free pounds. One-time use per customer. Shipping, wholesale and accessory items not included. In-stock […]

How to Prepare Tobacco for Shisha and Hookah Smoking

Many tobaccos that Whole Leaf Tobacco sells can be prepared for Shisha/Hookah use with minimal effort. First off – the difference between the word Shisha and Hookah need not be a mystery. Some websites will tell you that Hookah is the glass pipe, and Shisha is the tobacco that goes inside, but that is incorrect. […]