Fronto leaf although not known by many people has been around for several decades. It is also recognized by many as Fanta leaves, Funta leaves, and other similar names.

These whole leaf wrapper grade tobacco leaves are popular in Jamaica, the Caribbean Islands, and the United States of America. It is often confused with Grabba leaves, as they are both tobacco leaves. You can differentiate the two by comparing their size and color.

Grabba leaves tend to be thicker and darker than Fronto leaves, and are usually crushed and blended. Fronto leaves come in different varieties. The kinds of Fronto leaves are distinguished from one another by features they possess.

The four types of Fronto leaves that we sell on the whole leaf tobacco are LaRose Fronto, Broadleaf Fronto, Bay Fronto, and Black Fronto.

  • The Broadleaf Fronto is a type of premium Fronto leaf that has been graded and has little to no holes. It has a dark brown color and is over 28 inches long, 12 inches wide, on average.
  • The LaRose Fronto sometimes referred to as Grabba in the Caribbean Islands, possesses a strong tobacco flavor. It is easier to roll and burn when compared to the other types of Fronto. Size can vary from medium to large.
  • The Bay Fronto’s flavor is not as strong as the LaRose Fronto’s. It is specifically bought by people who prefer a more mild tobacco flavor. It is also easy to roll and burn compared to other types of Fronto. It can be differentiated from the other types as it has a lighter shade of brown, and is visually thinner than the other leaves.
  • The final type of Fronto leaf is called Black Fronto. It possesses a smokey and full tobacco flavor as it was cured with the harshness removed from it.

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