Shipping Internationally has become a significant portion of our business. But the responsiblity for knowing the laws which govern your ability to purchase whole leaf tobacco in your country is up to you.

You are also responsible for any taxes, duty, VAT, or any other fees associated with your order once it arrives in your country.

We will send the International Harmonized tariff code with each order, but this does not assure your customs department will honor it.

No refunds will be issued for confiscated product.

In the event the order is returned, we will issue a refund equal to the product costs only. You will be responsible for the shipping costs.

Submitting incomplete shipping information at the time of order WILL lead to delays in shipping.

Some Estimated Shipping Costs

Shipping cost per pound drop dramatically as the order quantity increases.

Shipping to Canada…4 lbs is about $10 per lb., 6 lbs is $8 per lb., and 20 lbs is $5 per lb.

Shipping to the United Kingdom and most of the rest of the world will add about $3 per pound to these costs.