Many tobaccos that Whole Leaf Tobacco sells can be prepared for Shisha/Hookah use with minimal effort.

First off – the difference between the word Shisha and Hookah need not be a mystery. Some websites will tell you that Hookah is the glass pipe, and Shisha is the tobacco that goes inside, but that is incorrect. The difference is the origin of the word. Hookah is the Hindi word for Water Pipe, while Shisha, which means Glass in Persian, is the commonly used phrase in the Arabic world. Use it interchangeably. We won’t tell!

Preparing Whole Leaf Tobacco as Shisha for Hookah or Hookah for your Shisha

  1. Remove the mid-rib from your tobacco and shred it.
  2. Wash your tobacco to remove some of the harsh tobacco flavor.
  3. Mix it with honey or molasses and bake on low heat (150 degrees F) for about an hour and a half.
  4. Add glycerin, and liquid extracts to give your Shisha tobacco a nice flavor.
  5. Let sit and soak for at least 24 hours.

Your tobacco is then ready for use in the glass vessel, tube and pipe- however you want to label it!

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