9. Perique Process vs A Perique

meaning 1
The perique process and the unique tobacco that it produces go by the same name, perique. It is produced by applying pressure (~35 psi) to a leaf that is sealed beneath liquid, rendering it mostly oxygen-free. This is continued for several months, allowing anaerobic microbes (namely the yeast, Pichia anomala) to dominate the microbial culture. Perique tobacco is dark in color, relatively strong, and creates a slightly alkaline smoke when burned. This is the Perique that is commonly blended with flue-cured Virginia tobacco to make Virginia−perique pipe blends.

Perique pressing
Perique pressing

meaning 2
By contrast, a perique of tobacco (in the same sense as a plug of tobacco), and also known as a carrotte of tobacco, is a cylinder of tobacco that has been tightly wrapped within a coil of rope to compress and preserve it. These were popular with sailors during the early nineteenth century, as a way to keep tobacco smokable during long ship voyages. The character of the tobacco resembles twist-rope or pressed plug, more than pressure-processed perique tobacco.

A perique or carrotte of tobacco

A perique or carrotte of tobacco, tightly wrapped in rope. [Killebrew, 1884]